What Should I expect on the first visit?

On your initial visit your therapist will review your history and intake information as well as complete a subjective evaluation.  During this time you will talk with your therapist about how your symptoms started, what you are experiencing, how it impacts your daily function and what your goals are for therapy.  Following the subjective evaluation, your therapist will perform an objective evaluation or physical evaluation to determine where your problem is and what structures are involved.  After the physical evaluation your therapist will set a plan of care.


What should I wear to therapy?

During your treatment session you will need to wear or bring comfortable loose clothing.  This may include comfortable shorts, yoga or sweat pants, comfortable walking shoes or sneakers, and a shirt. Women may want to bring a sports bra so your therapist can easily view your trunk if necessary.


What should I do if I am having my menstrual cycle?

We are able to perform an evaluation and treatment if you are having your menstrual cycle in most cases.  Please contact your therapist prior to changing your appointment if you are concerned about being treated during this time.